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Welcome! V2 Advocate is a digital interview recording management system designed specifically for children’s advocacy centers. V2 Advocate has become the industry standard for custom recording solutions revolutionizing the forensic interview.

As many states begin to require more stringent technology requirements for children’s advocacy centers, trust your interview to V2 Advocate. The system simplifies the recording process while being well-equipped with advanced standard features that will aid your multi-disciplinary team. It ensures that your forensic interviews are accurately documented, properly indexed, securely stored, quickly retrieved, and easily distributed

V2 Advocate records video and voice in both Windows media and DVD formats, where it is placed in the Evidence Locker for secure safekeeping, and burned in real-time to multiple DVDs simultaneously and to audio-only file for transcription, if necessary. The built-in tamper protection with watermark technology ensures that the integrity of your interview is never questioned in court. Our easy-to-use interface allows for one button start/stop recording, sharing notes for collaboration and video frame capture technology.

V2 Advocate’s high-tech features are designed to be simple to use, even for those who don’t consider themselves technologically inclined. Unlike generic digital voice recorders, V2 Advocate is a product designed specifically for the needs of children’s advocacy centers helping capture the story.

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