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About V2 Advocate

A few years ago, Commercial Electronics Corp. (CE) was asked if our interview room recording system, V2, could help Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) Forensic Interviewers video record their interviews with children. Our answer was, “Yes, absolutely.”

Our roles

Because we believe there are too many children who have experienced child abuse, exploitation, and sex trafficking, our company’s passion as fanatic supporter of the CAC mission is to provide the highest quality and most reliable interview room recording system.

Our history

CE originally developed V2 Interview Room Recording Management System to record custodial interviews for law enforcement agencies. However, because we are the V2 developer, our development team was able to customize V2 to meet CACs’ specific requirements to record their Forensic Interviews. Thus, V2 Advocate was born. But, its development did not stop there. In early 2019, we partnered with VidaNyx to begin offering a cloud storage option for recordings.


So, today, with regular feedback from CACs, we continue to improve our technology to meet present and future interview recording needs. Needs that include keeping up with the ever-changing government and legal requirements. Continuing to improve ease of use is also important to us because Forensic Interviewer should be able to concentrate on each individual child and his/her story and not be distracted by interview recording technology. We also continue to incorporate technology advances.

We also understand that no two agencies are alike. Meetings with our sales, install and service teams allow us to work with each agency to understand and then deliver the best interview recording solution for each situation.