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High-Definition IP

Interview Recording Management System

Designed for your CAC! your Forensic Interviewer! your MDT! You!

Current Challenges

Hover over each box to see how V2 Advocate can solve pain points for your organization.

Outdated Technology

State of the Art Technology

V2 Advocate utilizes the latest software and hardware to provide the highest quality audio and video possible.

Poor Quality

Exceptional Clarity

HD video and clear audio of V2 Advocate ensure that you capture facial expressions and soft shy voices.

Complicated & Confusing

Easy to Use

V2 Advocate's intuitive user interface is easy to learn and use so the Forensic Interviewer can focus on the child being interviewed and not the recording process.

Exceeds Market Cost

Cost Effective

V2 Advocate is customizable to help CACs meet their budgetary restraints.

"It’s obvious that V2 was developed for our industry. It is very easy to use and the recordings are fantastic!"

Todd Shackelford, Executive Director
Advocacy Network for Children, IL

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