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V2 Advocate Forensic Interview Recordings Post Interview Storing And Sharing Recordings Using a Digital Evidence Management Software Solution

Post Interview – Storing and Sharing Recordings using a Digital Evidence Management Software Solution

Secure cloud-based storage and sharing of Forensic Interview recordings is now being adopted by CACs across the country. This is expeditious for any off-site MDT members who need ready access to a recording to advocate for a child victim. The technical term for this solution is digital evidence management software (DEMS). CACs are using a CAC specific DEMS or a law enforcement DEMS.

V2 Advocate Digital Recording System recordings are DEMS ready because the groundwork has been laid in not only how the Forensic Interviews are recorded, but also by our partnerships with DEMS providers like VidaNyx.

What is Digital Evidence Management Software?

DEMS solutions are cloud-based systems that securely manage the storage and distribution of digital evidence, including digitally recorded Forensic Interviews. To maintain the evidence chain of custody and ensure admissibility in court, these systems are tightly secured with many security layers. This includes access controls and role-based permission management. 

Designated MDT members can be granted access rights that are customized according to their specific role needs. Access rights specifically control the who, how and when of viewing and downloading recordings. 

Depending on the storage requirements, files can be stored either long term or short term. Long-term storage allows files to be stored as long as is needed, whether that be months or years. Short-term storage is temporary storage for designated stake holders to view or download within a specific time period. Access expires when the time period ends.  This can be hours or days.

In some locales, the District Attorney or Law Enforcement determines the system used for evidence sharing. In other locales, CACs are opting for systems developed specifically for CACs, like VidaNyx.

Partnering Technologies So Their Voices Can Be Heard

In partnership with VidaNyx, V2 Advocate has developed a custom interface that securely transfers V2 Advocate recordings to VidaNyx. Other DEMS solutions that are interested in developing a custom interface with V2 Advocate are encouraged to Contact Us.

At V2 Advocate, we are fanatic supporters of the CAC mission. It is our goal to provide high quality recordings via the most reliable interview room recording system available.